Brainstorming with the Ballers

Q: How do you gain customers?

A: Illuminate how their needs fit with your products and services.


How we help

We help CEOs and Marketing Directors of growth-focused companies gain and retain customers.  We help you achieve success by understanding how and why your customers purchase and recommend. Then we work with you to execute a customized, integrated marketing road map that employs the right tools to get the job done.

You will have access to a team of highly experienced specialists in both traditional and non-traditional marketing disciplines.  They are guided by the two principals who have led CUSTOMERicity for 15 years, Kathy Palokoff and Wanda Zygmuntowicz.

Who we are

Kathy Palokoff


Passionate is the word our clients use to describe Kathy. As a former account planner and public relations director at Saatchi and Saatchi, one of the world’s leading agencies, she was responsible creating powerful strategies and communications to build awareness and preference among her clients’ customers.

She is equally passionate about ideas and entrepreneurship, which has resulted in top roles in multiple successful enterprises. An avid consumer and community activist, she is a fire-starter committed to doing good. She completed doctoral studies in technical communications from RPI and teaches research and account planning at the Newhouse School, Syracuse University.

Wanda Zygmuntowicz


Smart is the word our clients use to describe Wanda. Part creative, part business, part financial and part thinker, she always makes sure the “CUSTOMER” in CUSTOMERicity comes first.  Her marketing experience and knowledge has increased sales worldwide for a wide range of products and services for firms such as Allstate, Corning, DuPont, Hilton and Schwinn.

Her previous lives include directing all North American marketing communications activities at HSBC Bank USA, and serving in management at blue chip agencies like J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi in Chicago and New York.


"Consumers are statistics. Customers are people." -- Stanley Marcus

What We Do / Case Studies

plus Marketing-Plans

Marketing Plans and Implementation

How do I market my product? What should my budget look like? How do I align my sales and marketing efforts? Should I focus on inbound or outbound marketing?  What is the best way to reach my target audiences? How do I measure success? What kinds of marketing plans best fit my goals? These are […]

plus Branding


How well is your brand resonating with customers?  Do you have one perspective and they have another?  Is you brand relevant and authentic? What does your brand mean to different customer segments?  How is it standing up competitively?  Is there conflict between your company brand and product brands?  Are the personal brands of your leadership […]

plus Business-Ideation

Business Ideation and Counsel

How do I take my business to the next level?  Should I explore new markets?  How do I find more happiness in what I have built?  What do I do in the next phase of my life? How do I launch a big idea? What do I need for a business plan that knocks the […]

plus New-Product

New Product Development + Launch

How do I know if my product is a good one? What does it take to launch a new product or service?  How can I best define my target audiences?  What should I look for in terms of usability?  Where  can I find investment money? This is a small sampling of the questions we are […]

plus Social-Media

Social Media

How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media efforts?  How do I keep control but get my organization involved? What is the right social media to use?  What content works best? How do I keep up with all the changes and new social media opportunities?  Should I advertise on Facebook?  When should I […]

plus Content-Creation

Content Creation and Speechwriting

How do I develop a content calendar?  How can I create visual content for all my marketing materials?  Can you make it shorter? Can you get out the jargon?  Do you have a new angle for this speech? We love these questions because it allows us to do one of the things we do best.  […]

plus PR

Public Relations

What should I say to the press?  How do I manage a crisis? Why aren’t I getting more media coverage? How does PR fit in with everything else I am doing? Everyday we receive both tactical and strategic questions about public relations.  A specialty of CUSTOMERicity, we pitch media with stories, draft press releases, train executives […]

plus Digital

Websites and Digital Marketing

Is my website good enough? Is it helping me gain customers? Does it reflect my brand? Why isn’t my company  showing up on Google first page? How can I easily change the content?  Why does it look so bad on my smartphone? How do I better link  in my social media efforts?  Should I be […]

plus Employee and Investor Communications

Employee and Investor Communications

What are the best ways to engage in on-going employee communications? Why do I need a clear communications plan as I transform my organization? How do I give employees and investors bad news? How can I use my annual report in more powerful ways to engage my stakeholders? Can I contain web-based attacks on my […]

plus IMC

Integrated Marketing Communications

How should my online and traditional marketing communications fit together?  Should I continue investing in trade shows?  Should I move my budget to social and PR?  How can I better leverage integrated marketing communications in my sales processes?  How do I make sure my brand and messaging are consistent across communications? Should I be talking to […]

plus Sales-Training

Sales Support

What materials does my sales team need to be effective? Can you make them better than what we have? These are the two basic questions we hear most from clients.  We answer it by producing materials that reinforce sales efforts—proposals, case histories,  product overviews,  event flyers and presentations.  All are written clearly with the prospect’s […]

plus Market-Research

Customer + Market Research

How do I better understand my customers?  What are the trends that I need to be looking at to keep my business thriving?  Will my product succeed?  How should I best market? The answer to all these questions is clever customer and market research.  We are experts in research — both on-line and traditional.  And […]

How We Think


Thoughts from Kathy….

Today I get to hang out with the Ballers, an extraordinary community of people focused on one question: “How can I help you?”  I joined this online FaceBook group  a few years ago and have watched it grow to more than 1,000 people internationally from all walks of life.

The group actively asks each other for advice, gives opions,  offers places to stay, gets together for dinners, recommends products and jobs  and spreads information.  It is a very generous group because of its single-minded focus on helping each other fulfill dreams.

So today I get to meet members of my virtual community for the first time so we can brainstorm about where we go in the future.

One of the most fun and inspiring aspects of Ballers is that it skews very millennial, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. I’ve got only attribute number two.

So I expect a day where my thinking will expand and be challenged because their hearts and minds work differently than mine in many ways.

I expect a day where life experiences will sometimes clash and amuse.

But most importahtly, I expect a day where I will be enormously refreshed by our commonality — where generational barriers will be broken as we all live in the “How can I help you?” space.


We really like talking to people.  Call us, email,  or send us a note via the contact form.

Kathy Palokoff                               Wanda Zygmuntowicz   
585-746-8617                                716-983-4239  

Our corporate office is at 150 Dartmouth Street, Rochester, NY, 14607. We also have physical offices in:

  • Albany, New York
  • New York City
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Chicago, Illinois

(with virtual offices throughout the world)

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