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Q: How do you gain customers?

A: Illuminate how their needs fit with your products and services. Energize them by being passionate about their business. Ignite satisfaction through extraordinary delivery of what you promise.



We help CEOs and Marketing Directors of growth-focused companies gain and retain customers.  We help you achieve success by understanding how and why your customers purchase and recommend. Then we work with you to execute a customized, integrated marketing road map that employs the right tools to get the job done.

You will have access to a team of highly experienced specialists in both traditional and non-traditional marketing disciiplines.  They are guided by the two principals who have led CUSTOMERicity for 15 years, Kathy Palokoff and Wanda Zygmuntowicz.




Passionate is the word our clients use to describe Kathy. As a former account planner and public relations director at Saatchi and Saatchi, one of the world’s leading agencies, she was responsible creating powerful strategies and communications to build awareness and preference among her clients’ customers.

She is equally passionate about ideas and entrepreneurship, which has resulted in top roles in multiple successful enterprises. An avid consumer and community activist, she is a fire-starter committed to doing good. She completed doctoral studies in technical communications from RPI.

Wanda Zygmuntowicz


Smart is the word our clients use to describe Wanda. Part creative, part business, part financial and part thinker, she always makes sure the “CUSTOMER” in CUSTOMERicity comes first.  Her marketing experience and knowledge has increased sales worldwide for a wide range of products and services for firms such as Allstate, Corning, DuPont, Hilton and Schwinn.

Her previous lives include directing all North American marketing communications activities at HSBC Bank USA, and serving in management at blue chip agencies like J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi in Chicago and New York.


"Consumers are statistics. Customers are people." -- Stanley Marcus

What We Do

plus Marketing-Plans

Marketing Plans + Implementation

How do I begin to market my product?  What should my budget be like? Should I focus on inbound or outbound marketing?  What is the best way to reach my target audiences? How do I measure success? These are the questions we held our clients wrestle with every day.

plus Branding


How well is your brand resonating with customers?  Do you have one perspective and they have another?  Is you brand relevant and authentic?  What does your brand mean to different customer segments?  How is it standing up competitively?  Is there conflict between your company brand and product brands?  Are the personal brands of your leadership […]

plus Business-Ideation

Business Ideation and Counsel

Business development is the exploration of the unknown – new models for doing business, new markets, new clients and customers, new licensing, new partnerships, new acquisitions. We employ a disciplined business development process that focus on the intersection of finance, values and opportunities. We bring an outside perspective and multiple years of experience is exploring […]

plus New-Product

New Product Development and Launch

C.L.U.E.™ is an engaging and fun strategic marketing process that helps determine the most effective and cost-efficient ways to find, gain and retain customers. It starts with the premise that a company needs to look for the clues to solve the mystery of reaching their customers.  The best way to find the clues is by […]

plus Social-Media

Social Media

Everyone talks community, but building an authentic one is not easy.  Sometimes they exist virtually. Other times in real space. And most often, both work together. Equally important is the fact that communities of customers are made up of individuals.  Knowing how to acknowledge and engage individuality while still building commonality takes smart and consistent thinking […]

plus Content-Creation

Content Creation and Speechwriting

In our very noisy world, you have to get your message out clearly and repeatedly. That means treating content as an important investment – just like your employees and infrastructure. We develop content from your ideas and customers and frame them in the context of the market and issues.  We are particularly adept at clearly […]

plus PR

Public Relations

How do you teach people common sense? That’s one of the biggest challenges of customer service training.  It’s pretty easy to get people to work off of a script and excel in certain types of problem solving.  But what happens when the CUSTOMER goes off script? Our customer service training is unique.  First, it starts […]

plus Digital

Websites & Digital Marketing

So you just invested $10,000 in a very attractive website.  Congratulations.  Maybe.  Has it been optimized for the ever-changing world of search engine optimization?  Can you easily change the content?  How does it look on a mobile device?  Is it connected with social media?  Are you keeping up with social media?  Have you incorporated video? […]

plus Investor-Communication

Employee and Investor Communications

Is there a correlation between happy employees and happy customers? Absolutely. Is there a correlation between high growth companies and inspired employee relations?  Absolutely. At CUSTOMERicity, we consider you employees a key audience for communications.  We work with you to deliver authentic communications that stresses clarity, collaboration and consistency.  We are experts at intergenerational communications, […]

plus IMC

Integrated Marketing Communications

Lots of us are tired of old-style marketing where customers are considered , um…. stupid.  We don’t look at marketing that way at all. Our quick and sharp processes let us get to the heart of the matter – the heart of your customers.  We have done this for large companies like DuPont, non-profits and small […]

plus Sales-Training

Sales Support and Training

There are many excellent sales training program available that will help drive revenue.  We are fans of several.  Yet, too often sales is treated as a separate part of an organization and not integrated into areas like marketing, customer service and supply chain management.  Over and over, we hear customer complaints about promises broken, late […]

plus Market-Research

Customer and Market Research

There is nothing more disruptive than new technology.  Even when people know how much it will improve their lives, getting current work done and learning new systems is challenging.  This is particularly problematic when the technology does not integrate into current ways of working, engaging customers and keeping operations running smoothly. Our team at CUSTOMERicity […]

How We Think


Received an award recently?  It’s a great way to reinforce your personal and company brand and let your customers and prospects know how good you are.   Here are six ideas for you to put into action:

  1. Change all your bios, websites, social media profiles and email to include the honor.  It’s really easy to forget to do this.
  2. Use your current correspondence mechanism with clients — letters, email, newsletters, etc. to tell them about the honor.  What is critical here is that you make the story RELEVANT to them.
  3.  Send a press release out that focuses on the award, why you got it and what your company and you will be do in the future.  Send the release out to alumni publications, industry newsletters, local media, hometown media, organizations where you are on the board, etc.  Make sure you include off-line and on-line media.  Look for the angle that really highlights you.  There are lots of awards out there so make this release sing.  Even if the release is not picked up, this puts all of you on the radar for future stories.
  4. Have someone host an event for you honoring you locally — for example, a trusted client, influential community leader, etc.  People want to celebrate your success, and everyone loves a good party.  Have clients, prospects, partners, vendors and employees invited.  You pick up the tab  and do the planning but the party is hosted by a third-party endorser to give it more panache.
  5.  Film a video  All of you have powerful presences.  It would be great to capture that on video and then to use it on your website  and as part of your new biz process.  Video content is #1 on the Internet.  I would do it in the form of a Q and A with very intriguing questions and great soundbites.
  6. Take your employees out.  Turn this award over to them.  Let them know that their efforts are what enables you to be an award winner.  A great opportunity to thank your staff and put forth future vision and reinforce values.


We really like talking to people.  Call us, email,  or send us a note via the contact form.

Kathy Palokoff                               Wanda Zygmuntowicz   
585-746-8617                                716-983-4239  

Our corporate office is at 150 Dartmouth Street, Rochester, NY, 14607. We also have physical offices in:

  • Albany, New York
  • New York City
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Chicago, Illinois

(with virtual offices throughout the world)

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