I have been a serious Springsteen concert fan since the 80’s.  Yes, I love his music, but it is the concerts that give me an amazing boost of creative energy.

So I would li\ke to make this claim:  In addition to making me a happy person, Springsteen concerts make me a better marketing professional.  Three reasons:

  1. He stays the same and is always changing.  His brand essence never wavers but he raises the bar each time I see him. This Saturday I expect to hear every song from The River presented in a fresh way, but taking me back to its 1980 release. Isn’t that one of the best things we can do as marketers — keep a brand consistent and authentic but always fresh?
  2. He really really knows his audience and how to connect to them.  One of the coolest things about going to a Bruce concert is seeing the multi-generational mix. I believe I have see at least four generations of a family all dancing to the max. As marketers, isn’t our job to truly understand the essence of our targets through their needs, wants and interests versus the often limiting analysis of demographic data?
  3. He is passion personified. I know that Bruce is going to deliver at least a three hour concert on Saturday because he LOVES what he does.  He is joyful and everyone in the audience feels that.  Isn’t that exactly what people want in a company, cause, product, or service — passion that what they do will make lives better?

That’s what a Bruce concert does for me.  Do you have performers who enhance you as a professional?